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Clarion Call Capital Impact Process

At Clarion Call Capital, we craft each step of our investment process to align with our mission of generating market returns and promoting social equity. Our process begins with a deep dive into due diligence, continues through careful security selection, and culminates in the consistent monitoring of performance and impact.


Clarion Call Capital Applied: Case Studies

Discover how our investment methodology is applied in real-world scenarios, driving both competitive financial returns and profound community impact.

Newark, NJ

$70 million of bonds issued in 2019 by the Essex County Improvement Authority on behalf of the City

  • Largest city in New Jersey with over 26% of residents living below the federal poverty line, Newark’s median household income and per capita income are just 43.9% and 47.4% of the State, respectively
  • Initially identified and targeted replacing 18,000 identified lead service lines
  • Over 23,000 lines replaced in just three years marking the “beginning of the end” of lead in the water for Newark residents
  • Established a national blueprint on how to do lead service line replacement quickly and effectively

Boston Medical Center (BMC)

$232 million of bonds issued in 2023 by the Massachusetts Development Finance Authority on behalf of the Medical Center.

Providing healthcare focusing on social determinants of health:

  • Safety-net hospital for City of Boston with over 40% of gross payer mix coming from Medicaid and charity care
  • Primary service area (Roxbury), life expectancy is 60 vs. a life expectancy of 90 for those in Bay Back/Beacon Hill three miles away
    • Medical Legal Partnership is the union of legal advice and medicine addressing legal aspects of vulnerable populations:
    • Reach Out and Read, serves 4.7 million children countrywide leveraging pediatric visits to give the gift of reading
    • StreetCred helps patients file taxes to tap into government assistance programs (rent, utilities etc.)
    • Rooftop Garden, Preventive Food Pantry and The Teaching Kitchen address hunger-related illness and malnutrition
  • Lown Institute rating of “A” for overall social responsibility. #1 ranked hospital in Massachusetts and #12 nationwide

Gallaudet University, Washington DC

$40 million of bonds issued in 2021 by Washington DC on behalf of the University.

  • The only liberal arts college in the world exclusively devoted to deaf students enrolling over 1,300 students, 50% of which receive Pell grants
  • 40% of degree-seeking students in Fall 2022 people of color
  • 78% of total enrollment were deaf/hard of hearing
  • In 2020, the university created a Center for Black Deaf Studies
  • The Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) established in 1969 by U.S. Congress, provides tuition-free comprehensive day & residential four-year high school program for deaf and hard of hearing students
  • 94% of the undergraduate student respondents who graduated between December 2019 and August 2020 either employed or furthering their education
  • Of the 2021 MSSD students who responded to a follow-up survey, 92% are in postsecondary education, in training programs, or employed within one year after graduation
  • Over 60% of all employees were deaf/hard of hearing and over 40% employees were from traditionally underserved groups
  • Federally-chartered in 1864 with over 60% of operating revenue derived from US government

La Maestra Community Health Centers, CA

$12 million of bonds issued in 2021 by the California Municipal Finance Authority on behalf of the Health Centers.

  • La Maestra is a nonprofit network of community clinics (federally qualified community center) operating in San Diego County with 15 primary care sites, 10 dental sites, 2 mobile sites, and 3 school centers
  • 97.5% of patients and participants are low income, at or below 200% of the federal poverty level
  • 33% are uninsured with 70% Medicaid eligible & 60% prefer a language other than English
  • Amongst the largest nationwide contracted sites for USCRI (United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants) serving the most LGBTQ human trafficked victims in the United States
  • Board of Directors comprised of a majority (at least 51%) of community-based, active, registered clients of the health center for FQHC status
  • Sponsors non-medical services for an integrated continuum of care model
  • California Health Facility Construction Loan Insurance Program (Cal-Mortgage) provides AA- security to the bonds and is ultimately backed by California’s full faith and credit pledge

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