Our Strategy

Clarion Call Strategy

Clarion Call Capital invests in under-resourced and divested communities with the ultimate intention of spurring economic growth, equity, and sustainability. We focus on core sectors including education, healthcare, clean water, sanitation, renewable energy, mass transportation, and affordable housing.

Our Approach:

  • Tracks intention and impact with quantitative and qualitative metrics.
  • Requires customized inquiry and engagement before investment.
  • Monitors and surveils fundamental credit quality and performance indicators.
  • Actively balances and optimizes impact and credit fundamentals.

New Fixed
Income Paradigm

At Clarion Call Capital, we prioritize and center the allocation of capital towards positive community-based projects with market returns. Our due diligence and engagement are key to establishing an ongoing collaborative partnership with municipalities. This process unveils the environmental, social, and governance benefits to mitigate risk and better reveal community and financial value.

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What is Municipal Impact Investing?

Learn about the power and potential of municipal impact investing. Click through to read in-depth studies, press releases, and thought-leadership profiles that feature the pioneering work of Clarion Call Capital and its founder, Eric Glass.

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Our Impact

Learn more about specific investments that
qualify for inclusion in Clarion Call Capital’s municipal impact strategy.

Work With Us

Join us on our journey to reshape the investment landscape. Connect with Clarion Call Capital to make an impact through informed, intentional investments and be a part of a movement for change.